Homemade Water Table

This is something I wrote on our family blog from last summer.  It’s a great alternative to spending money on a store-bought water table.  J’s is still just as entertained this year at 3 years old as last!
We’re still playing with water almost every time we head outside.  I noticed that they sell water tables at all the stores but thought it was a little ridiculous to spend good money on a glorified bucket!  So we made our own water table with what we had. All it required was pulling out a flat storage box (luckily it was just lying there empty under my bed) and J’s wagon.  It’s a perfect fit!  He loves it.  And when there’s no shade, I just wheel the wagon into the garage.
I found that sand/water wheel last summer on clearance for $2.  He played with it in the tub until this summer’s homemade water table. 
Here he is trying to pour water into a dropper.  Smart boy! Pouring is easier than manipulating the dropper to fill it up.  Too bad the experiment wasn’t so successful.
He loves blowing bubbles
Pouring is much easier with a funnel!
I made some blue ice cubes that he liked scooping into the tub, stirring them, letting them melt in his hand, watching the water turn blue, and then refilling the tray to make more ice.

5 responses to “Homemade Water Table

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  2. you r a genius! I bought an expensive water table that drives me crazy as it is a pain to keep it clean! I have all those supplies to make a water table that can go in the dishwasher (ice cube trays, beach toys, buckets, plastic containers and bottles, straws for bubbles, food coloring)! Bathtime will be much more fun tomorrow!

    • Our homemade water table is still one of J’s favorite activities. It’s funny that he got a storebought table as a gift recently but has only played with it twice. He still prefers the homemade one because we can change it up easily. For him at least there was no need to spend lots of money!

      I hope your little one enjoys this approach too!

      • Please explain to me about the colored ICE. I though it was such a good idea until I made it. The food color stained my hands for about 24 hours.. so now I have a few trays of colored ice that I don’t wanna give to her because I don’t want her getting stained for that long…

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