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Print and Play!

I thought I would start a theme post. I’m going to highlight J’s favorite printable resources either homemade or made by all those creative blogging parents out there!

All you have to do is Print and Play!  Well, it would be thoughtful if you let your toddler play first 🙂

The first up is this great Transportation Preschool Pack  from Homeschool Creations.  Have you noticed J loves anything with wheels? When I saw this preschool pack, I knew it would grab his attention. There’s great opportunities for learning too.  Perfect!

J’s favorite activities from this pack were the transportation puzzles, the shadow matching, and the writing activities.  There are lots more activities to choose from.  You can print the entire packet or choose a few pages to start with.  Check it out!

**All images are from Homeschool Creations**

Activity for Perfect Square by Michael Hall

Michael Hall’s Perfect Square  is so cute, walking us through a happy little square’s journey.  On each page the square gets cut, torn, or crumpled and becomes something beautiful.

This book so easily transitions into a fun art activity, I just couldn’t resist!  I cut out 6 different squares, one for each color presented in the book.  I used a tissue box to trace the squares.  This size worked well for a 3 year old. Smaller pieces would’ve been more difficult for him to work with.  You will also need a marker, scissors, glue and large white construction paper (maybe a few pieces if your squares are big).

We walked through each page of the book, cutting and tearing as instructed. Then J glued down his own creation, trying to mimic the pictures in the book.  Most of the pictures he could complete on his own.  The fountain and bridge did require a little mommy-help.

J's version of water, mountain, bridge, park, fountain, and flowers

It does take awhile to complete each piece of square-art shown in the book.  I was actually surprised that J remained fully involved to the end.  I even tried to skip a page, worried he’d lose interest.  Well, he quickly pointed out that I missed a page and that he just must create that square

This is a great activity if you’re working through the shapes. It works best for square-day; it would likely cause some confusion on circle-day! 🙂 It’s also a great review of colors since each page highlights a different color.