Fun Activities for Fall

I know I haven’t been too consistent in posting lately.  I am crazy busy around here, planning and prepping for J’s new routine…. plus all the normal mom stuff.  I should’ve taken a class in efficiency in college!  Good news is we are both loving the new routine so it’s all worth it!  I want to get more experience under my belt before I post about it though.

In the meantime, here’s some great fall activities to try out!

Candy Corn Puzzles

Jack-o-lantern Shape Craft

Chocolate Oat Acorns

Spaghetti Spider Web and Handprint Spider

Autumn Tree

Do-a-dot Falling Leaves (one of J’s first crafts ever!)


One response to “Fun Activities for Fall

  1. Just found your blog via a pin on pinterest. I homeschool and have toddler twins (plus blog about toddler table activities etc. too!) and it’s not often I find lots of new activities to add to my “to try” list so thanks for your great ideas. Am looking back through your archives and pulling out new ones to try. Keeping little ones busy while schooling older children takes planning!

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