Fall Index 2011 is up!

The Fall Index page includes my favorite finds that I’d love to try out over the next few months!

And while you’re at it these are some of our favorite activities from fall’s past.


2 responses to “Fall Index 2011 is up!

  1. Have you ever thought about making a facebook page? Your site is SO fantastic! Exactly what I was looking for! I have just started doing daily activities and blogging them here http://keithplusjenna.blogspot.com/ with my 2 years old who has a language delay. Your site is age specific and perfect for us:) Thank you SO much for this, you have no idea how much it will change my life and my children’s.

    • I’m glad you’re finding the blog helpful. The age categories are one reason I started the blog in the first place. So many great activities on the internet, but so hard to sift through them all to find those right for a certain age/ability.
      I’m sure FB/Twitter is something that would benefit the blog, but I’m having to pick and choose the best way to spend my time that helps my family. FB hasn’t made the list yet. I’m hardly ever on it even for my personal page!

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