Pack a Shoebox Reminder

Operation Christmas Child’s shoebox campaign in underway!  The national collection week in November 14-21, 2011.  You have 2+ weeks to plan and participate.  Plenty of time!  I am actually printing off the materials this week and planning to take J shopping over the weekend.  Click on the link above to find out more.

This is something we started doing last year when J was two years old (you can see our experience here and the finished product here).  **Those links include links to videos and music to help introduce to your kids.**

This is a wonderful way to help little ones practice giving.  They can bring a shoebox to the store and fill it with fun (and useful) items.  Bring it home, pack it up and drop it off at a pick up location near you.  There’s even a tracking feature so you can find out where your box ended up.

J loved this last year (the photos shown are from last year).  We can’t wait to get started this year!


3 responses to “Pack a Shoebox Reminder

  1. Thanks you reminded me and we were able to get a shoebox sent off!

  2. Hi! I was trying to look for an email address and I could not find one. I may have missed it but do you mind leaving any email I could contact you through? (My email is Just wanted to ask you something about your Side Walk Chalk post.


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