Letter Puzzles (and on sale!)

I was just doing some birthday shopping and noticed a sale on one of our favorite learning tools.  I thought I’d hop on here to share real quick.

Nab ItI came across Nab-It in the store about a year ago and it has been such a valuable tool.  It is actually a game but I honestly have not even read the instructions and haven’t yet played the game as intended. I’ll get around to learning that soon hopefully.  We’re having enough fun with the pieces right now.

The game consists of 4 sets of letter puzzles, each a different color and each in their own drawstring bag. Each puzzle piece has a letter on both sides. Your little one will get used to looking on both sides for the desired letter. We have used them to practice the alphabet, spelling words, word families, and blends.

Amazon has Nab-It for sale right now.  If you’re in the market for a fun preschool tool that will double as a fun game when your little one is older, this would be great!

**photos from Amazon**

6 responses to “Letter Puzzles (and on sale!)

  1. I totally just bought these! What a good price. Since I am a reading specialist and hope to tutor or go back to work in the future, I thought these would be a great investment! I am sure that my kids will enjoy playing/ learning with these letters and games! Thanks for the tip.

  2. Hi. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog! I nominated you today for the Versatile Blogger Award. Check out my post for the details. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas!

  3. Hello, I just stumbled upon your blog! It’s wonderful! Thank you so much got sharing such awesome ideas.
    I’m wondering how you organize and plan and also what a weekly schedule looks like for you and your kids?
    Id also be interested in hearing how you balance all this with a new baby?
    I used to do a ton of fun activities with my 3 year old but I just had a baby and am finding it super difficult to find time and plan activities. You’re amazing!

    • Our weekly schedule has changed a great deal as J’s gotten older. I started planning when J was around 15 months. Those plans are explained in a post I wrote here. here
      As J got older and his attention span lengthened my scheduling adapted (and became even easier!).

      I am in full agreement with you on the difficulties of throwing a baby into the mix. When J’s little brother was born my scheduling certainly changed, especially since little bro had reflux related colic and other health issues. We were certainly in survival mode (and for much longer than I had anticipated). We utilized Bro’s naptime for some focused play and honestly the floors just didn’t get mopped as often. I was so exhausted that I didn’t have the energy to plan extensive activies so we made do. When pregnant I had planned and prepared a pretty decent list of activities/homemade toys to do with J when the opportunity arose. J loved workbooks, so I bought a few options to turn to when he was wanting to “learn” with me but I had nothing prepared. THe printable totpacks are great for this too. I could pull at random from those when bro gave us the chance. Those were life savers! We also played A LOT of board games during that time. These are great learning activites without the need for preparation. J got quite a few new ones for his birthday right before Bro arrived. I used the tray system at least once a week which worked well with a newborn. I set out 4 or so trays, each with a separate activity that J worked through, returned to the shelf completed before getting out another tray. That worked great.

      Don’t put a ton of pressure on yourself to be super-mom. Our kids don’t always need super-mom. Sometimes mom sitting down to play trains with him was just perfect for J. And I can always find random opportunities to learn that way. Give yourself time to adjust to your new life, enjoy your preschooler AND your baby and not feel guilty about what you’re not doing.

      I scaled back our schedule A LOT. I tried to keep many of the daily routines the same so he still had chores, independent playtime, outdoor play, table time, and reading time each day (well most days!). He definitely watched more TV than I would’ve liked and ate quite a few lunches alone (I started playing a book on tape for him when Bro neede me during mealtime). But in the end he got a brother and learned so much more than ABCs and 123s.

      At 4 years old, J now has just one daily activity time that I plan for and it last about 1-1.5 hours. It’s our version of table time where we both have one on one time to do an array of activities together. We may do crafts, planned learning, painting, playdoh, memory verse activities, learn a new game, those kind of things (but not all in the same day!). I basically realized for this year at least, I couldn’t plan extensively for tons of activities each day and that was fine. I decided our Bible lessons and activities were the most important to me so I focused on planning those for each week and patted myself on the back for that 🙂 The rest of his day is spent with meals, chores, free play, sibling play, independent play, outdoor play and recently I added in sit time which he’s super excited about! He also goes to preschool 2 mornings a week for some quality socializing.

      Hope something here helps. I should’ve just written a new post on this instead 🙂

  4. Thanks for the recommendation. I’m always on the lookout for fun and educational games for my 6 year old…

  5. I just wanted to let you know that you are amazing, and the crafts & activities that you plan with your son are brilliant and creative. I am a working mom and have been looking for some good activities to bond over with my three-year-old. Most of the time, my son and I are so exhausted from the stresses of our day that we just end up vegging in front of the T.V. (Sadly, because I work and we have no nanny or family nearby, my toddler has to go to school even on days when he feels like having quiet time at home.) I would like to do something that is more memorable than T.V. but still low-key and stress-relieving. Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful ideas. I’ve got your blog bookmarked, and I already have plans to head over to the craft store with my son so that we can pick out some supplies for our future activities. Your kids are so lucky to have a mom like you.

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