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Homemade Toy: Audio Books

When I was little my grandmother used to record stories on tape for us.  We still have some of them!  She also sent some to my cousins who were overseas at the time.  I think this is an awesome gift … Continue reading

Ziploc Photo Books

My grandparents are always telling me that really all they want for birthdays or Mother’s day are lots of pictures to show off.  So this year, J made a photo-filled birthday card for his great-grandma.  This would be a great art project … Continue reading

Practicing the Foundational Skills

**This week I’m attempting to answer a reader’s questions.  You can find the entire series here.  Next week will be back to business as usual.** Yesterday, I mentioned some foundational skills that really help learning activities work well in our home.  These … Continue reading

My Current Index

This is the current list I choose from when picking activities for the upcoming weeks.  I reuse a lot of the same activities and then add one or two new activities each week.  Most of these are common activities, but … Continue reading

Great Benefits to Nursery Rhymes

Don’t underestimate the age-old success of nursery rhymes!  I think sometimes we get caught up in the new and improved that we forget the great benefits to the tried and true. Nursery rhymes are definitely tried and true.  They are … Continue reading

Teaching Thanksgiving to Toddlers and Preschoolers

This is really the first year I included lessons on Thanksgiving prior to Thanksgiving day. The majority of what we do comes in day to day conversations.  I’ve used books, pictures, activities, games, and videos to give J a visual image of the … Continue reading

Plane Travel with my 23 month old

I’m going to try and split up my plane travel reports into two posts…  the planning post and the final results when we return.   Feel free to learn from my successes and my mistakes!  J will be 2 years old in … Continue reading

Letter of the Day Activities (I day!)

We focused on “I for Ice” today and included some science in our lessons! Ice Painting: This was how I introduced the letter I to him.  It was a hit. I gave J a piece of paper with both the upper and lower … Continue reading


My goal here is to have a quick go-to index to find the perfect activities during my weekly planning.  I do repeat activities.  Practice makes perfect!  And at his age, repetition is actually interesting!  I also discover different teachable moments, … Continue reading