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I’m Back (I think!)

Thank you everyone for waiting for me!

I was on a temporary blogging hiatus while I figured out how to survive (and thrive!) with two little ones in the house.  We’ve added another precious boy to our home. J is now a big brother, and an excellent one at that. 

Now that I’m a mom x2, we’ll see how consistent I can be with blogging.  I think I’ve come up with a plan that will work… we shall have to see how it all pans out.  Thanks for waiting. I hope you find the new activities to come useful with your own little ones. 

New activities start Monday!

Baby Break

I just thought I would hop on to say I’ll be taking a break for awhile from new posts.  We are currently waiting for #2 to show up… and he’s late!  Honestly I’m fine with that right now since our household is currently sick.  I’d rather bring him home to a family that isn’t contagious! 

I do have the Easter index set to post in a week and a few other posts scheduled, but things will definitely be slower for awhile.  Feel free to look through past posts to find lots of great activities and you can subscribe to my blog (on the right) so you know about any new posts.

Comparing: Does my little one match up?

This week, I’m attempting to answer some questions presented by a reader.  First up … making comparisons.   

I am having a hard time looking at the educational blogs for children and thinking that my daughter should have these skills down. I see some of the things you’ve tried with your son at my daughter’s age and it just seems like she is so far from having enough attention span or ability to follow directions that I often get frustrated. (comments from reader)

I think ALL parents have these comments go through their head at some point.  I have. It is so hard not to compare, both in real life and in the virtual!  It really doesn’t do our kids justice though.  They are truly each their own.  I’ve had to learn…. and practice because it doesn’t come naturally for me…  to search the plethora of ideas solely for that purpose, for ideas and for inspiration.  If they are discouraging more than encouraging, I have to turn the computer off.  Honestly.  I will even say the same for all of my readers, turn my blog off if it isn’t encouraging for you.  That’s not the purpose at all.  I will say I have gotten better at remaining detached, learning to read the blogs as I would an activity book from the bookstore.  This helps me get the inspiration I need without getting worried because my son doesn’t necessarily match up with someone else’s child. 

The age groups on this blog are there just as a guideline, hopefully to make the searching process easier for parents. They are not absolutes by any means.  They are based on my experiences with one child.  I’m sure my next child will require me to move at a different pace.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  There are things J could do at ages when his friends weren’t quite able to accomplish them yet.  There are also things J could NOT do at ages while all his peers could.  The point is, don’t get stuck on age!  Focus on your child’s current needs.  When searching this blog, I suggest looking at activities in your little one’s age group, as well as both the previous age group and the next to come.  So if you have a 20 month old child, I would look at pretoddler, early toddler and toddler activities (check out the favorites page for some highlights, or use the age categories in the sidebar). You will likely find activities from each category that would work for your 20 month old.  But, keep in mind that there will be activities that just won’t fit your little one’s needs.  Don’t feel pressured to try them all. 

We as parents are learning too.  That’s part of the process. Let’s face it, frustration is part of parenting and it starts from day one.  Frustration doesn’t mean we give up.  It might be we need to reevaluate what we’re doing or how we’re doing it.  We find a good fix and keep consistent.  Any good teacher will tell you the same.  Give yourself the time to learn too.  Sometimes that means allowing yourself to make mistakes.  Don’t expect perfection.  Afterall we’re working with toddlers! 

Typing up a quick review to post of an activity that I did with J doesn’t tell you everything that occurred during it. 

  • I don’t mention the 2 potty trips and 1 accident that occurred during the igloo activity, leading to a very frustrated mom (I probably should’ve waited another day to let potty training sink in a bit more!). 
  • You don’t read all the details about how J (typically VERY cautious with new textures and experiences) was hesitant to dive into the snowbox at first.  Our first attempt was mildly enjoyable and I had to stay there playing with him the entire time even for that.  The 2nd and 3rd attempts were huge improvements and eventually he loved it and would ask for me to bring it out again and again.  
  • When we first started with activities like plastic eggs in egg carton or sorting beads into trays, we had our fair share of dropping them onto the floor instead.  It was apparently so much fun to watch them fall! Or how he was one day adamant that the red bead should go in the same pile as the green when sorting. An individual activity might last all of 5 minutes tops.  But 5 minutes developed into 10 and then 20 minutes.  He also learned that just like dropping food from the highchair wasn’t allowed, neither was dropping toys (crayons, paintbrushes, paint!). 
  • Did I forget to mention that J decided that one of our letters of the day made the sound “poopoo” and refused to be told otherwise?

These are just a few examples.  Every activity blog, every classroom, and every homeschool kitchen table has similar stories of the learning process in action. 

If an activity or conversation doesn’t go well, I evaluate why.  It may be because I chose the wrong time of day (close to nap or mealtime), maybe I’ve been lax in discipline lately so simple obedience was really the issue, maybe I expected too much from him and need to try something a bit more basic, maybe it was too easy and therefore boring for him, or maybe I didn’t present the activity well enough and need to find a better way to teach him. There could be many reasons something didn’t go well. 

Don’t give up.  There have been times simply placing an activity or concept on hold for another month was all that was needed.  There have also been times my husband came home from work to try an activity with J that bombed just hours earlier with me… and has great success.  My husband just found a better way to help J with it.  That’s a little frustrating!  It’s also perfectly understandable and just one more reason I’m grateful for my husband!

Letting frustrations keep up from trying again would mean we miss out on the growth that we get to see over time and we’ll miss out on all the “‘fun” along the way. 

Go have some fun!

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Check us out on Children’s Learning Activites

I’ve just joined a group of awesome moms at Children’s Learning Activities!  You’ve probably noticed that I link to them quite often.  They have great ideas and helpful thoughts on structuring playtime for your toddlers and preschoolers.  There are four moms who write for CLA, with a total of 9 kids ranging from infancy to 5 years so you’re sure to find something that will apply to your little one.

Come check us out!

Thanks for the guest post!

I can’t believe I am so late in writing this.  It must’ve been due to the holidays, surely it’s not because I’m disorganized and forgetful, right????

Val over at Chronicles of a Babywise Mom let me write a guest post (back before Christmas, so yes, I’m way late in posting this)!  I was so grateful for the opportunity and thrilled that she considered what I had to say blog-worthy.  My post is called Value Learning and talks about WHY learning activities are important and HOW to get started. Check it out!

I found her blog a couple of years ago and have found it to be a great resource.  It is extensive to say the least, so use the index to navigate to your topic of choice. And you will surely find a topic of interest, whether discussing infants or preschoolers. 

Here are some of my favorites on the topic of teaching our kids:

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Family Planning (setting lifetime goals for your children)

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Thanks Val for the opportunity!