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Pillow Talk

20 months

J has discovered a love for pillows. He cracks up when I push him onto my bed of pillows (even when I push him pretty hard!).  Of course we jump on them.  Recently he’s started pulling the throw pillows onto the floor to create trails on the floor from the chair to the couch. He starts at one end and walks/crawls/moves backwards along the path.  

We play stop and go on the pillow trail (stop when mom calls stop, go when mom calls go).  I’ve also practiced colors this way. Since our pillows are different colors I’ve called out instructions fro him to follow like “Stop on a red pillow!”, “Sit on a black pillow!”

Age Attempted: 20 months

Teachable Moments: Follow instructions, colors, Stop and Go, great practice with balancing

Try Again?  This is something we play almost once a week.