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Clean “Painting”

Our most recent activity included construction paper and water and it entertained J for 10 minutes easily which is quite a feat at this age.  I added some sponges and got another 10 minutes…then added ice and got 5 more minutes out of him. This was SO easy, required basically NO prep work, and less clean up than after a meal.

Our color of the day was green, so I gave him a piece of green construction paper and a small dish of water. I showed him how he could “paint” with his finger and he began his masterpiece. He then painted with the sponges and ice. He had a blast. We got to talk about wet and dry.  I did have to add a second piece of paper since the first became rather water logged. Unfortunately my artist’s hard work dried by the end of naptime, so nothing to show off to dad.

I’ve heard of mom’s using paint brushes for this, but I didn’t have any that were small enough.  We do use some larger ones to paint the deck outside with water, so that’s an idea.

17 months

Age Attempted: 17 months; I should’ve done this one much earlier. I think he could’ve enjoyed this as early as one year.

Teachable Moments:  Talk about wet and dry, the color of paper he’s painting, paint lines/dots/shapes/letters

Try Again? Definitely.  We have since added paint brushes to this activity.  I use thisas a quick go-to activity on extended family trips to visit Grandparents since it really only requires some construction paper.