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Toddler Made Calendars

I kept putting off working on calendars with J, honestly because I wanted to create a cute calendar first. I’ve seen tons of cute ideas online and wanted to do something along those lines. After months of that project getting put on the back burner, I finally remembered J doesn’t need a fancy homemade calendar.  He’s two!  He’s fine with the plain and simple and honestly doesn’t even notice mom took the easy route.   

So I printed off a blank calendar from my computer and J started learning.  Simple as that.  I had no plan.  All it really took was labeling some special events and crossing off each day.  Over the past few months I’ve developed my simple calendar lessons to this:

Obviously still not too impressive for a blog post I guess, but J likes working on them and learns from them… that afterall is my goal for the activities we do. 

Each month J gets to decorate his calendar using stickers, pictures and stamps. This gives us the opportunity to discuss the season that each month falls in as well as important events.  We label important dates, color the days of the week and then cross off each day throughout the month.  I’ve also found that this is great practice with counting since J sees the numbers in front of him daily.

We sing some cute songs that help make memorizing calendar info a little more fun.

Months of the Year (sing to the tune of 10 Little Indians)

 Days of the Week (sing to the tune of Oh, My Darling): 

There are seven days, there are seven days, there are seven days in a week. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

Today Song (Sing to the tune of Frere Jacques)
Today is _______,
Today is _______,
All day long,
All day long.
Yesterday was _______,
Tomorrow will be _______,
Oh what fun!
Oh what fun!

I got those last two from Littlest Learners.

These calendars  now work as a daily reminder to me that I don’t have to spend lots of time planning extra cute activities.  I obviously don’t see anything wrong with doing those cutesy projects, BUT my priorities are off if I put off working with J because my expectations for myself are out of place.  Maybe there’s someone out there that will also benefit from this too!

Age attempted: 30 months