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Pick Your Own Fruit and Vegetables

This is the season to pick your own fruit!  We’ve done this twice now.  Last year we picked apples when J was 2.5 years.  This month we picked strawberries.  This is such a great activity.  For someone like me who can’t manage to grow anything, this is the only way he’ll probably ever see for himself where our food comes from (other than the grocery story!)

He’d much rather sleep in his crib.


Of course he loved enjoying the reward of his hard work too! 

I’ve found this website helpful in searching for farms where you can pick your own fruit/vegetables.  They have maps of each state so you can find farms for your specific county.  For those like me who are completely ignorant about which foods are harvested in which season, they also have harvest dates for your region.

Field Trips: Sesame Place in Langford, PA

I thought I would start reviewing some of the different attractions that we have happened across in our travels.  We’ve found some great spots and some not so great spots.

Sesame Place is in Langford, PA, which for us constitutes a day trip.  We took J for the first time just recently when he was 25 months

The park itself is not huge.  You can easily stroll through the entire park in a morning and you could very likely ride all the rides in one day without much effort (depending on length of lines of course).  There are lots of things to do for younger toddlers like J, though I don’t think it would be worth the money for a one year old.  (Entrance is free for those under 2 years, but of course adults have to pay for their tickets). There are both water rides/pools as well as small rides and rollercoasters.  The first time we went, we weren’t dressed for the water rides but there was still plenty to do to fill a day.  We were there on a Saturday in May which ended up being great.  Schools weren’t out yet, so the crowds weren’t too big which meant lines weren’t too long.  We went again on a Saturday in June and it was much more crowded, the water rides especially (still lines weren’t as long as say Disney World in the fall).  We also prepared for water on our second trip and I was pleasantly surprised with how many different water play areas they had available for J at age two.  The ones geared for the younger ages had fountains spraying from above or water shooting out from the ground and 0-2″ of water on the ground.  I also liked how many shaded areas there were to rest awhile.

The tickets are expensive at $50 each.  You can get a two day pass for the same price which is what we did. You can also get an evening pass for cheaper if you just wanted to attend for a few hours, say after naptime. Parking was $15, I think.  The food is really expensive, even compared to most other parks.  A children’s meal cost $8 and an adult’s meal cost $9.  The kids got an Elmo plate and Sesame cup to take home with their meal, but still a lot of money for a toddler!  They have the typical food, pizza, hamburger, turkey sandwich, macaroni, grilled chicken salad, …  I would definitely recommend bringing a sack lunch.  Overall the staff was ok, but it was obvious this was just their job.  After visiting Disney World you do notice a difference.  Disney employees really go out of their way to help and appear pleasant.  The Sesame employees were just doing their job, getting through another day. 

Still, overall the day was great and I’m glad J had the opportunity to go!

Age Ranges – I saw infants to preteens at the park, most of the preteens spent their time on the water rides and pools.  There seemed to be one rollercoaster geared for the older child; most other rides would be ideal for ages 2 to 6. 

Rides included (the blue text were great for J at age 2): Simple toddler/preschool rollercoaster, push train, carousel, flying fish (goes around as well as up and down), hot air balloon ride (simple drop), coaster drop (not for young toddlers), spinning cups, …

Other dry play areas: bouncy jump, multiple story netted play area (NOT for J), sand pit, peak climbing, shaded cushion play area (great for really young toddlers), multiple playgrounds, long slide,

Water rides:  lazy river, lots of single, double and family slides (with and without tubes),

Water Play areas: 3-4 geared for toddlers and preschoolers, one designed for older kids (J did play here for awhile), wave pool; kids could really spend a lot of time in these play areas

Other attractions: Meeting the characters, afternoon parade (at 2 pm), Multiple shows (we attended one with toddler music)

**I’m sure I missed some attractions in my lists.  Visit their official website for more info