Homemade Highways

We had some home remodeling and needed J centralized to one place for quite awhile.  This was my solution.  I set up a highway system on the kitchen floor using painter’s tape.  This took me about 5-10 minutes.  J loved the surprise we had for him!  He later made 2 requests that were easy to add on.  1. A garage to park some cars (my version is on the bottom right side of the pic) 2. Destination states (he’s VERY into states and geography right now. I definitely accomodated him on this one since it’s educational too.  I let him choose the states and just cut them out of construction paper and taped them down to the end of each roadway.)

This would be an excellent choice for a winter activity when everyone’s stuck inside! Since painter’s tape is not cheap I tend to leave these up for awhile whenever we set something up for him.  And I reuse the tape to make other things (letters, shapes, numbers,…).

**ETA: A reader recently shared her adaptation to this activity.  It is such a good idea, I wanted to share.  She placed the tape onto a blanket so she can now bring out the homemade roads anytime she wants.  Check it out here!  She also created a cute homemade town around the roads. 

Age attempted: 30 months

4 responses to “Homemade Highways

  1. Thanks for this idea. We used it on this rainy day. I linked over here on my blog:

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  3. Adorei essa ideia e seu blog. Muito bom! Coloquei como seguidora no meu blog e postei algumas coisas com crédito. Obrigada

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