Falling Leaves

I love Dot markers!  Oh I wish they had these when I was little!  I find myself thinking about tons of different pictures we could create with these cool markers.  At this age, however, I’ll stick to the simple pictures.

One such picture is an autumn tree.  I drew the tree trunk beforehand and gave J the orange, yellow and red markers to create leaves.  He loves the dot markers too, but hasn’t quite mastered them yet. He mostly likes to take the colorful caps off and then of course put them back on.   

You’ll notice many of the leaves in the example picture are in the process of falling or have already landed on the ground nearby.  Hopefully it looked enough like a tree for Grandma to recognize it!

Age Attempted: 17 months

Teachable moments: Of course you can emphasize that the markers create circles on the paper, take a walk outside to see the changing leaves, talk about how the leaves change from green to yellow and orange and red when the weather begins to chill; this is a good seasonal activity

Try Again?  We’ve already done other pictures with dot markers.  They make great balloons and bubbles!  Sorry no examples to show!


3 responses to “Falling Leaves

  1. Where do you purchase your dot markers?

    • I bought them at Michael’s Craft Store. I recently went shopping for another set as a gift and found it difficult to find a good selection. The store clerk told me that many stores were no longer carrying them. The easiest option would be the internet. They are often called Bingo Markers.

  2. I looked at Hobby Lobby and they didn’t have them, but I did find some at the Dollar Tree. I was able to get black, purple, orange, green, red, and blue. My 20 month old loves them! Thank you so much for sharing!

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