Valentine’s Past

We really haven’t done a ton of things incorporating Valentine’s Day in past years.  Most of our activities center around making cards or expressing our love for others (which afterall is the purpose!). 

Here’s some homemade cards/artwork we’ve given in combination with Valentine’s Day.  Click on the photos to see more about each activity.

Heart Suncatcher

Visual Valentine

Playing Mailman

(This is not a card, but a fun activity to incorporate into Valentine’s Day.  This is a great time to find small mailboxes in the stores for future use too.  I recently saw some cute foam mailboxes at Target for $5, a make-your-own mailbox in Target’s dollar section, and metal mailboxes like in the photo below at Michael’s Craft Store)

For a few more ideas, check out our  homemade cards and homemade gifts too!


2 responses to “Valentine’s Past

  1. Just found your blog through Children’s Learning Activities. I love it! I can’t wait to see what you contribute on CLA.

    • Thanks Lori! I’m really excited about being a part of Children’s Learning Activities. They’re such a great group of moms with awesome ideas!

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